MIDS Empowers Hitop Mold to Conquer the US Market



Client Overview: Hitop Mold

Hitop Mold, a leading mold manufacturer based in China, specializes in precision mold design, engineering, and manufacturing. With an ISO 9001:2000 certification, Hitop delivers high-quality molds for various industries, including automotive, electronics, and household appliances. Their state-of-the-art production plant in Changan, Dongguan, positions them as a reliable partner for global clients seeking top-notch mold solutions.

The Challenge

Hitop Mold faced several challenges in expanding its business to the US market:

  1. Exporting Products: Hitop needed assistance in exporting their car part molds to US manufacturers.

  2. Customer Acquisition: They aimed to attract new customers—specifically manufacturers who would place orders for their molds.

  3. Marketing Outreach: Hitop Mold lacked a robust marketing strategy to reach potential clients effectively.

How MIDS Stepped In

1. Export Strategy and Order Acquisition

MIDS collaborated closely with Hitop Mold to devise an effective export strategy. Here’s how they achieved success:

  • Market Research: MIDS conducted thorough research on US manufacturers, focusing on the Detroit area. They identified potential clients, including established companies like Delta and Ford.

  • Customized Approach: MIDS tailored their approach for each manufacturer, understanding their specific mold requirements and production needs.

  • Negotiations and Partnerships: MIDS facilitated negotiations between Hitop Mold and US manufacturers, ensuring smooth communication and order placement.

2. Marketing Services

MIDS recognized the importance of marketing to attract new clients. They provided Hitop Mold with comprehensive marketing services:

  • Social Media Marketing: MIDS created engaging content for Hitop Mold’s social media platforms. Regular updates showcased their expertise, product quality, and successful case studies.

  • Industrial Exhibitions: MIDS represented Hitop Mold at key industrial exhibitions in the US. They highlighted Hitop’s capabilities, showcased their molds, and networked with potential clients.

  • Brand Building: MIDS worked on enhancing Hitop Mold’s brand image, emphasizing reliability, precision, and innovation.

The Results

Thanks to MIDS’ strategic efforts:

  1. Increased Orders: Hitop Mold secured orders from US manufacturers, including Delta and Ford.

  2. Market Penetration: Hitop Mold gained visibility in the Detroit area, positioning themselves as a trusted mold supplier.

  3. New Customer Acquisition: MIDS helped Hitop Mold connect with manufacturers who now rely on their high-quality molds.


MIDS played a pivotal role in Hitop Mold’s US market expansion. By combining export expertise, customized strategies, and effective marketing, they empowered Hitop Mold to thrive in a competitive industry. Hitop Mold’s success story stands as a testament to the synergy between MIDS and their clients.